I have largely ignored the covid news cycle recently as it can only muster the faintest of eye rolls from me now. As I reflect on the year I truly wonder how significant the impact of everything that has occurred will be. I’m lucky, my family have been comfortable enough that I can lodge rent free in there house while I try to grasp at some semblance of opportunity afforded to me. I have a part time job and have incredibly another one on the horizon. Most aren’t, however. The sleeping giant of neoliberal globalism has been afforded it’s biggest challenge yet with the unemployment crisis and fallout from covid. The comparison of market statistics plastered on the television read like a Stephen King novel when compared to every other post-war “crisis” up to and including the 2008 crash. Of course this time, greed wasn’t the cause of the fallout, but has been a creed of businesses such as Arcadia who have tanked and allowed the service and retail industries to move ever closer to necrosis.

With Brexit just around the corner as well, it shall be interesting to see how the global market responds. If there was ever the time for an “overhaul” or “reset”, it would have been this year; not only fiscally but socially as well with the George Floyd shooting and resultant protests. I’m incredibly cynical and was wary of the “movement” from the start, but as soon as the marches in London took place I lost any inkling of hope it was anything but an overblown attempt to signal virtue. So whilst I personally, and presumably many other people have moved to the left politically (Any Echo Chamber will tell you of either “massive change” in America or that the country is being taken over by Marxists) it is apparent that the neoliberal goliath still has a vice grip on the majority of the worlds markets and media, arguably more so than ever due to the increasing dominance and reliance of Facebook, Google and Amazon (or as I like to call them, the Antichrist).

The solution? On one of the few distinct trips to the pub I had this year my two other leftie pseudo-intellect friends pondered this with me, before I drag the whole conversation into dreg with my unintentional nihilism. As was evident with Corbyn (who wasn’t perfect by any means) or Bernie Sanders (Who hates women) the center-right news and multimedia machine is an uphill battle to fight against with progressive economic ideals (unless it is of course, socially collective ideals they can profit from *kaching*).

I would say that neoliberalism is a main stay, for my lifetime at least. We have seen “radical Communist” thinkers such as Andrew Yang introduce UBI into the political lexicon, which is at least some attempt to meld the ideals of free market deregulation with the safety net so many people need, not least this year. I think for Britain (or Scotland at the least), we need to start focusing more on these modern alternatives for quality of life and take good ideas from the Nordic model instead of the bad ones. Not to say UBI is the tried and tested answer, but it is at least different and flashy, unlike the old free free free principles which don’t appeal to men and women who watched The Old Grey Whistle test live. But alas, this is just a ramble, and I should really consider joining a party or volunteering to affect change *chortle*. Danggggg we are fuckedd.

I am drained from news. This is the first year since I started wanking that I’ve regularly watched or paid attention to football. I was a big cumbrain who would have told you without the smallest tinge of irony that “sport is a mind control program organised by the new world order to dumb down our male populatio and majke them sufere..”. Now, in the bleakest of times, I relish the chance of escapism and can hardly fault anyone who does. It is almost a sign of virtue now to dissociate oneself from the dichotomy of news, politics as it manifests in everything like, well, covid.

I’m not smart. I haven’t been productive. This is just my current thoughts. I’m bored.